About Greg Moore Raceway


Greg Moore Raceway has been designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the Commission Internationale de Karting – FIA (CIK – FIA), the world’s motorsport governing body.

The track layout is a twelve corner asphalt surface measuring 1,224 meters (4,015 feet) in length in its championship configuration, and is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Chilliwack is situated in the heart of the Upper Fraser Valley approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles) due east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Drive ability of the track is considered highly technical with a variety of open high-speed sections and very technical turns. Each corner is uniquely angled, radiused and cambered, both positive and negative. The driver must concentrate throughout the expected 50 plus seconds per lap.

Careful planning and strategic placement of intermediate connectors has created ten possible configurations ranging from 400 meters to 1,224 meters (1,312 feet to 4,015 feet).

Additional track specifications are:

1. length 1,224 meters (4,015 feet); width 8 meters to 11 meters (26.25 feet to 36.5 feet); corners 12 (7 right, 5 left)

2. rotation can be driven clockwise or counterclockwise as determined by the club.

3. track record currently under 50 seconds for ICC,

4. surface custom asphalt design is “Upper Course #2 hot mix asphalt” as designed by Terra MacLeod Engineering Ltd. Utilizing Marshall design properties.

“The designer comments…”

The evolution of our design took considerable time and thought with the inclusion of many revisions and options. Although the final product has many similarities to the original design, it is vastly superior in many respects. Detailed measurements of the physical characteristics are critical to the track’s performance. Any variations to the design drawings during construction, change driving lines thereby affecting the driver expertise required. The entire layout was surveyed by laser to ensure quality control.

This track is a dream to drive but is a great chore to drive fast.