Volunteer Agenda

West Coast Kart Club is a not for profit society that operates Greg Moore Raceway. As with most not-for-profit organisations WCKC is solely run by volunteers who donate time and resources to keep the club going.

Managing a track like Greg Moore Raceway, running the club and hosting 11 club races takes a lot of volunteer time.

We can't do it without you! Here you will find a calendar where you can see what positions need to be filled, and what needs to be done.

This is how it works. Take a look at the agenda and look for a date and job that will work for you and our agenda. Sign up and complete the job at the date you have chosen. It's that simple!

The following tasks are for the year and are not on the agenda. If you feel that you have the time and skills to fulfill these tasks please mail admin@westcoatkartclub.ca  and we will hook you up!

  • Volunteer coordinator. This person will coordinate all the volunteers, and manage the volunteer agenda.
  • Marketing Assistant. We have a marketing Director, and this person can use some assistant in managing social media, instagram, etc..IT person. Sometimes computers have a mind of their own, we need a person who can help us keep the systems running.
  • Advertising person. Assisting the marketing director in finding different ways to advertise WCKC.
  • Web design, maintenance. Are you familiar with WordPress? than we have something for you! Our website is about 2 years old now and can use a face lift!
  • Membership Coordinator. We could use some help managing the membership. This person will work together with the track Manager and administer the membership roster and print membership cards.

West Coast Kart Club Racing Series Volunteer Agenda, here you can pick tasks related to our club races.

Track Maintenance, Here you can see and pick the tasks related to the facility

Cleanup Weekend. Here you can sign up for the cleanup weekend!