Race schedule for Race 2

In our continuous effort to improve racing at WCKC we slightly changed the race schedule. We managed to fit in 3 practice runs of 6 min, in stead of 2 of 7 min. Furthermore we decided to start with 2 practice runs before drivers meeting. This allows our volunteers ample time for registering. And as a bonus, we should be able to end the day on a reasonable time.

Race 2 race schedule:

8.00-9.30 AM Registration

8:30 AM Practice round 1

8:54 AM Practice round 2

9:30 AM Drivers Meeting

9:50 AM Official Practice (transponder Mandatory)

10.30 AM Qualifiers 7 min. Qualifiers, sessions

11:20 Heats & Pre-finals


1:35 PM Finals

3:40 PM Awards

See you at the track!

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