Results & Timing

Results & Live Timing

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Results for the 2017 Season:

Racing Results


Champions of 2017!

Junior I MicroMax
Antonio Costantino  
Ryland Eagles  
Dante Bottiglieri  
Junior II MiniMax
Kristian Dinkov  
Kyle Cassels  
Jonathon Yettaw  
Junior II L0206
Alexander Yettaw 
Arjan Mann
Ellie Musgrave  
Senior L0206
Vitali Tchikichev
Ben Gotte
Erik Gerlof 
Rotax Senior
Chris Eagles
TJ Madonna
Kellen Ritter
John Parker
Bryan Stauffer
Aleksander Lebeda
Rotax Junior
Marco Kacic
Kyle Francis
Alexander Yettaw
Senior TKM Light
Greg Henderson
Chris Genge
Shawn Medley
TAG Heavy
Bryan Stauffer
Aleksander Lebeda
Clay Wotherspoon 


Champions of 2016!

Jr 1 LO206
Kellan Sichewski 
Jenna Oberndorf 
Jordan Palmer 
Rotax MicroMax
Antonio Costantino 
Katie Musgrave 
Ryland Eagles
Jr 2 LO206
TJ Madonna 
Arjan Mann 
Liam MacRae
Rotax MiniMax
Jason Leung 
Logan Jones
Maxwell Inkpen 
Rotax Jr
Ellie Musgrave
TJ Madonna 
Kyle Francis 
Sr LO206
Derek Wang 
Chris Eagles 
Erik Gerlof 
TaG Sr
Peter Cheung 
Sam Gerlof 
Rosario Verderame
Rok GP
Chris Eagles 
Sean Jones 
Allen Young
Sr TKM Light
Greg Henderson
John McCoy
Chris Genge
TaG Sr Heavy
Aleksander Lebeda
Bryan Stauffer
Clay Wotherspoon 


 Results for the 2015 season:

WCKC Race 11

WCKC Race 10

WCKC Race 8 and 9

WCKC Race 7

WCKC Race 6

WCKC Race 5

WCKC Race 3 and 4

WCKC Race 2

WCKC Race 1

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Results of the 2014 and older races can be found here.

West Coast Kart Club is part of the Briggs Weekly Racing Series.

The Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series allows racers to compete locally while earning points which will ultimately crown 4 regional champions. In addition, local racer points will help to crown 4 region tracks which will be awarded $2,000 in Briggs & Stratton powered, facility improving equipment . Over $50,000 in total prizes will be given away in the 2015 Briggs & Stratton WRS.

Read the Briggs WRS rules Briggs WRS Rules.

Would like to know where you are? Check it out on the Briggs WRS pageBriggs WRS Standings.


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