Gold Cup Survey

Gold Cup 2018, we would like to hear your voice!

We are working hard on the next racing season, and all the Gold Cup clubs are getting together and trying to figure out how we can improve the IKF Gold Cup for 2018. We got together a few times now and some very good idea's have been brought up.

At the end, we are trying to improve racing and increase attendance. Here are a few questions and please take a minute to go over them and provide us with your thoughts. Just sent me an e-mail, call me or talk to me at the next club race!
Thanks a bunch for helping grow our sport!

NW GC Survey Questions;

1.     How many of the 12 Gold Cup events (6 race week ends) did you participate in during 2017? What influenced participation?

2.     As we plan for the 2018 Gold Cup series, how many races would you like to see?

3.    We want to know which model best fits your participation:

A. One Day Event  (open practice Saturday, racing Sunday)
B. Two Day Event (open practice Saturday Morning, qualifying Saturday PM, racing Sunday)
C. Three Day Event (open practice Friday, event #1 Saturday PM, Event # 2 Sunday)

4.      Are you planning to attend more or less of the 2018 Gold Cup races?

5.      Which tracks would you participate at in the 2018 Gold Cup series?
WCKC-Chilliwack BC
SRK-Boise ID
SKRA-Spokane WA
SOK-Medford OR
PKA-McMinnville OR
TCKC-Tri-Cities WA

6.      Would you like to see a traveling official team for each event?
(race director, tech director, flagman and registration/scoring)

7.      What did you most enjoy about the Gold Cup series in 2017?

8.      What didn’t you like most about the Gold Cup series in 2017?

If you have any other comments or idea's you would like to share please do so! We would be more than happy to hear what you have to say!

Erik Gerlof