Competition Classes 2018

Competition Classes for 2018

At West Coast Kart Club, we like to offer a variety of classes that offer competitive racing for various ages and motor types. We’ve done our best to keep the active classes updated in the table below.

On race weekends, we may group similar classes together at the discretion of the Track Director. In this case, classes will race together but be timed & scored according to their respective class.

Ages shown are based on the highest age of the racer during that year.

If you can't find your kart and engine package in the table below please contact us and we will find a place for you to race!

If you have any questions, please contact us!

For your convenience a printable PDF version of the competition classes can be found here: Classes 2018

Information about rules and regulations for the following classes:

4 stroke LO206: ASN Canada

Rotax: Rotax rules 2018

ROK GP: To be uploaded

TKM 4 cycle: To be uploaded